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Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate dental care to seniors within their living environment as well as dental education and training to those who serve the senior community.

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Customer Testimonials

"I am privileged to issue this letter of support on behalf of HomeCare Dentists. With a sincere desire to make a difference, HomeCare Dentists was founded in 1993, by Kevin Warthan, DDS as a part-time mobile dental practice to bring quality dental care to the residences of mentally and physically challenged people. When he, as well as the community, saw the significant health benefits and results of his outreach, his passion grew to a full time vocation of community-based service..." read full letter

- V. MANUEL PÉREZ, Assemblymember


"Thank you for the additional information. I like the new approach to increase information by including the Doctor's notes and images. I am an IT manager and very interested in your tools and software, but I am unfamiliar with the terminology generally used in the dental community. The notes and images greatly assisted my understanding. Please continue this practice. Thank you, and yes, you may quote me."

- John


“The service was perfect! The dentist brought everything and came to me. I didn’t have to worry about transportation to a dentist. Dr. Warthan is very courteous and made me feel very comfortable“

- Margaret Barraco


"My sister Marguerite is very sensitive to healthcare. She required dental work – which concerned her. The dentist and her assistant approached Marguerite in a very professional manner; in a very few moments, Marguerite was relaxed and accepted the necessary treatment. It was through the careful assessment of the dentist and her assistant that they gained Marguerite’s confidence. It was a perfect "dentist day" for Marguerite"

- Wick Lobo

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Welcome to HomeCare Dentists

According to a national report card released by the advocacy group Oral Health America, the oral health of older Americans is in a state of decay . HomeCare Dentists’ provides older Americans and homebound patients high quality, compassionate dental care where they live.  Our Dentists specialize in delivering needed dental care to those who have trouble traveling to a dentist. We understand the logistical challenges involved in transporting some patients to the dentist. We exist to ease the burden placed on families and caretakers when planning a dental visit for their loved ones.

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Our Blog

HomeCare Dentists

HomeCare Dentists started back in 1993 as a part-time job.  It has now become a full-time vocation.  In Southern California (Orange County, San Diego County, and the South Bay area of Los Angeles County) and Southern Nevada (Clark County…Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City), we bring our dental office operatory to where the patient lives.  Now, this is not a concierge-type of service, although we have done that.  We focus mostly on individuals who have difficulty accessing dental care in a fixed office setting.  Our patients run the gamut of mental and physical conditions:  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, comatose, bed-bound, handicapped, agoraphobic, wheelchair-bound, paralyzed, elderly, blind, can’t drive, name it, we probably have a compromised patient with that condition.  Our goal is to bring quality dental care on-site to anyone who cannot access dental care in a traditional setting.  To be more specific, our mission is to "provide quality, compassionate dental care" to seniors within their living environment, as well as dental education and training to those who serve the senior community.  We want to prevent some of the perio-systemic effects of periodontal disease (also called the Mouth-Body Connection).  These include pneumonia, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and possibly Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Our services include much more than cleanings, though.  We are able to perform most services that a regular fixed office can including composites, crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, relines, denture adjustments and extractions, including taking x-rays.  We have state of the art mobile equipment that includes a compressor, portable digital x-ray machine and intra-oral camera.  With our software, we are able to take digital x-rays and photographic images, maximizing the communication with the patient, caregiver and responsible party (family or guarantor of the patient). You can find out more by calling (800)382-3938.

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